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We can help

New or established firm, the regulations for Solicitors Accounts apply to all.

And getting them wrong can be disastrous.

 Solicitors accounts are very specialised.

While many bookkeeping services will be happy to help out, very few fully understand the complexities of the Solicitors Account Rules.

“It can’t be too difficult, I’ll do them myself”

Along with dealing with clients, staff and a whole host of other tasks that the owner of any firm has to do? Why not save the time to do billable work instead?

“We already have a Bookkeeper, but we still have problems”

Many firms have been working the same way for years, but the account rules keep changing. We offer consultancy services to enhance the way you work.

“Everything here runs fine, why do we need you?”

It’s never a bad idea to have somebody from outside the firm take a look at things. Small changes can often greatly improve productivity.

“So why choose J  Byrne Limited?”

John Byrne has worked in Solicitors offices for over 30 years. From Office Junior to Office Manager, he has dealt with the majority of administration tasks but since 1987 has always been in charge of the accounts department. He has been a Fellow of the Institute of Legal Accounts Managers since October 1990.

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